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Extreme-Duty Aftermarket Industrial Pump Parts

Crafted for the most demanding applications, our industrial pump parts are manufactured from high-end materials like CD4MCuN, Duplex Stainless Steel, Super Austenitic Stainless Steels, and Alloy 20. Proprietary metallurgy and specialized heat-treatment processes are applied on these aftermarket pump products. These innovations not only enhance the durability and resilience of each component but also set us apart in the industry, guaranteeing longevity and peak performance even in the harshest conditions.


Innovating Solutions in the Phosphoric Acid Industry

With roots deeply embedded in the Phosphoric Acid industry of South Eastern Idaho, we witnessed firsthand the limitations and challenges posed by existing OEM pump suppliers. It became clear that their primary focus was on driving sales of usage inustrial pump parts, often at the expense of product quality and customer satisfaction. As the prices surged, the quality plateaued, leaving businesses grappling with mediocre products that didn’t offer value for money.
Having years of experice in the phosphoric-acid industry, we felt the gnawing need for change. We believed there had to be a better way – a way to ensure superior quality for pump parts without the exorbitant price tags attached by OEMs. Our research and testing proved our hypothesis correct. We discovered innovative techniques and methods that surpassed the current OEM standards – be it metallurgical, tighter tolerance, higher durability, efficiency, and all at a better price.

Recognizing the broader industry need, we envisioned a future where businesses wouldn’t be constrained by the availability of essential industrial pump parts. We saw an industry where manufacturers would no longer hold clients ransom with astronomical prices, and where acquisitions, mergers, or supplier shut downs wouldn’t halt operations. This vision became more than just a dream. It transformed into a mission, a purpose, and a commitment.

That’s when KLD Pumps emerged. Our brand stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation in the industrial pump parts sector. At KLD, we aren’t just another supplier; we are a partner to our clients. Our commitment goes beyond mere transactions. We are dedicated to ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction, upholding the principles of integrity, quality, and value. Through continuous research, development, and feedback incorporation, we aim to revolutionize the pump parts industry, one satisfied customer at a time.



At KLD Pumps in Pocatello, we’re not just about meeting industry standards; we’re about setting them. Rooted in the specific demands of the Phosphoric Acid industry, our focus extends beyond simple supply to complete customer optimization.

Each member of our team brings a rich legacy of experience in the phos-acid industry, collectively amounting to over 100 years. Their extensive knowledge doesn’t only align with our high standards of quality, but also underscores our shared dedication to ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Our Services

At KLD Pumps, we specialize in small-scale production of industrial parts. Whether you need as few as one part a year or a larger supply, our comprehensive manufacturing services of industrial pumps parts cover you from start to finish for complete customer satisfaction.

Free Initial Consultation

Free Initial Consultation

Start with a no-obligation consultation with our experts. Discuss your specific part needs, even if it's as low as one or two pieces a year. We cater to niche requirements and small-scale productions.

Quality Control and Testing

Quality Control and Testing

Each custom-engineered part is rigorously tested to meet quality standards, ensuring it matches the blueprint and any additional optimization criteria.

Part Submission and Inspection

Part Submission and Inspection

Send in your existing pump part for us to examine. Our team evaluates parts of all shapes and sizes, ensuring that your unique needs are met, regardless of how small-scale the production may be.

Reverse Engineering and Blueprinting

Reverse Engineering and Blueprinting

Our engineering team meticulously reverse-engineers your submitted part, creating a highly detailed blueprint. This is ideal for rare or outdated parts that aren't readily available.

Optional Design Optimization

Optional Design Optimization

If there's room for improvement in the original design, we'll consult you for any desired optimizations, whether it's performance enhancement, durability, or cost-effectiveness.

Small-Scale Production and Prototyping

Small-Scale Production and Prototyping

We specialize in small-scale production. We are qualified industrial pump spare parts manufacturer A prototype will be developed for your approval, ensuring your full satisfaction before we proceed

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Superior Components for Durable Systems

Industrial Pump Replacement Parts Manufacturer

We're not just a supplier; we're your partner in optimizing Phosphoric Acid processing with custom industrial water pump parts built for your unique challenges.

Industrial Vacuum Pump Components

Engineered for enduring performance, KLD Pumps combine a rugged construction, innovative waterless seal technology, and exclusive materials. This integrated approach ensures optimal durability even in the harshest application conditions.

Aftermarket To Master with Cutting-Edge 3D Technology

Specializing in aftermarket parts for major pump brands and niche heritage brands, we’ve taken our services a notch higher. Send us your part, and through 3D scanning, we create its digital twin, followed by manufacturing an optimized version that exceeds original specifications.


Certified Standard Industrial Pump Parts Specialists

At KLD Pumps, we stand firmly behind the quality of our custom and aftermarket industrial pump parts, regardless of where they are used; that’s our guarantee to you.

Quality-Assured Supplier Partnerships

We also collaborate with some of the industry’s leading suppliers who offer robust warranties. We will guide you through the advantages and protective features of each product to ensure you’re making the best choice for your needs.