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KLD Aftermarket Pump Parts

Aftermarket Wilfley Pump Parts


Wilfley pumps set an industry benchmark for robustness and efficiency. At KLD Pumps, our aftermarket Wilfley pump parts are meticulously designed to not just match, but to enhance and surpass the original Wilfley standards. Recognizing the essential role of your pumps in operations, we bring our technical excellence into creating parts that blend seamlessly with your existing Wilfley pumps and elevate their performance.

Key Benefits

1. Precision-Matched Aftermarket Excellence: Each aftermarket part is crafted with an unwavering commitment, guaranteeing perfect compatibility with Wilfley pumps.

2. Enhanced Durability: By integrating our proprietary metallurgy and specialized heat-treat processes, we ensure our aftermarket parts provide extended longevity and unparalleled performance.

3. Cost-Efficient Superiority: Experience the peak performance and lasting durability comparable to original Wilfley parts, but without the premium price tag.

Product Range

Every aftermarket component we offer is meticulously designed, tested, and validated to integrate seamlessly with your existing Wilfley pump. Our range covers.


All our aftermarket Wilfley pump parts are precision-engineered from elite materials such as CD4MCuN, Duplex Stainless Steel, Super Austenitic Stainless Steels, and Alloy 20. This commitment guarantees resistance to wear and corrosion, assuring you longevity even under the most challenging operational conditions.

Your Wilfley, Supercharged by KLD

We recognize the unmatched standards of Wilfley pumps. Our mission with our aftermarket parts is to enrich that legacy, ensuring that your Wilfley pump, when paired with our aftermarket components, achieves even greater operational excellence. Dive into our curated selection today and experience the superior aftermarket solutions offered by KLD Pumps.

Aftermarket Krogh Parts


Krogh pumps are a testament to engineering brilliance, delivering unparalleled efficiency in various industrial applications. At KLD Pumps, we recognize this excellence and are inspired to offer a dedicated range of aftermarket Krogh pump parts, exclusively available on our platform. Each component is not just a match, but a meticulous enhancement that encapsulates Krogh’s ethos of durability and high performance.

Unique Features of Our Aftermarket Krogh Parts:


Every aftermarket part is designed with precise measurements and specifications to ensure perfect compatibility with Krogh pumps.

Durability Enhanced

Building on Krogh’s legacy, our parts undergo rigorous testing and quality checks to ensure they outlast and outperform.

Cost-Effective Solution

While we ensure peak performance, our parts come without the hefty price tag, offering exceptional value.

Diverse Product Portfolio:

Our assortment spans a wide range of components, each reflecting Krogh’s commitment to engineering excellence:


Ensuring leak-free operations and optimized fluid flow.


Designed for maximized fluid dynamics and efficiency.


Promoting smooth operations and reducing wear.


Rugged designs to protect and optimize pump performance.


Engineered for strength, reducing vibrations and ensuring alignment.

Commitment to Quality

Tapping into the very spirit of Krogh’s engineering standards, each of our aftermarket parts is crafted with top-notch materials like CD4MCuN, Duplex Stainless Steel, and Super Austenitic Stainless Steels. This commitment guarantees extended durability and seamless compatibility, rivaling the demands of rigorous operational conditions.

Elevate Your Krogh Experience with KLD

Krogh pumps, known for their engineering excellence, find an ideal match in our aftermarket parts. Each part is a promise of performance, durability, and innovation, echoing the core values of Krogh. Explore our exclusive collection and empower your Krogh pump with the unmatched advantages of KLD’s aftermarket solutions.


Build Quality





The Best Quality of Industrial Pump Parts

Aftermarket Flygt Pump Parts


Flygt pumps are synonymous with steadfast reliability and uncompromised efficiency. KLD Pumps, with its passion for creating unparalleled aftermarket solutions, offers Flygt pump parts that are not just replacements, but enhancements. Recognizing Flygt’s rich heritage, we are inspired to present parts that seamlessly complement and elevate your existing Flygt systems.

Unique Selling Propositions

Tailored for Flygt

Our parts are engineered with a deep understanding of Flygt’s design nuances, ensuring an impeccable fit and functionality.

Benchmark Durability

Utilizing advanced metallurgical techniques, our Flygt aftermarket parts promise to withstand the test of time and operation, even outpacing the originals.

Cost-Effective Excellence

Our commitment is to offer you the reliability of Flygt parts without the weighty price tag, ensuring maximum value for your investment.

Comprehensive Product Lineup

Our aftermarket Flygt pump parts collection spans a vast array of components, each echoing Flygt’s commitment to excellence.

Standards & Quality

Every component is meticulously crafted, tapping into the essence of Flygt’s engineering standards. With materials like CD4MCuN and Duplex Stainless Steel, our aftermarket parts promise robustness and longevity, rivaling the demands of challenging operational environments.

Flygt & KLD: A Symphony of Engineering Prowess

Flygt pumps, celebrated for their operational brilliance, find a harmonious partner in our aftermarket parts. Each component is not just a piece but a commitment, resonating with the ethos of Flygt. Dive into our collection and experience the harmonized blend of original Flygt efficiency and KLD’s innovative aftermarket prowess.

Custom Manufacturing Excellence

At KLD Pumps, our passion for excellence drives us to innovate in custom manufacturing of aftermarket pump parts, utilizing the latest in technological advancements. Our workflow is initiated with cutting-edge 3D scanning techniques, capturing even the minutest details with unmatched accuracy. Building upon this foundation, we employ advanced 3D modeling to meticulously construct and refine our designs, ensuring they are not only robust but also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re sourcing parts for Wilfley, Flygt, or Krogh pumps, our promise remains consistent: to deliver products with exact precision, crafted perfectly according to your provided specifications. Our integration of technology and craftsmanship sets us apart, making us the premier choice for all your custom manufacturing needs