Our Story

Our company started as a group of guys that worked in a Phosphoric Acid Plant, manufacturing fertilizers in South Eastern Idaho. Over the course of time, we realized that our OEM pump suppliers were more concerned about selling us parts than helping us solve problems. 

We formed a company and vowed to provide better parts, for a better price. We have strict quality checks and are always improving parts and processes.

Our Approach

We specialize in aftermarket parts and pumps to repair, replace, and supply Wilfley pumps, Krogh pumps, Gould Pumps, Durco/Flowserve pumps, and Flygt pumps among other pumps and industrial products. Our specialty is most commonly peristaltic and centrifugal pumps, however we will do what it takes to help you meet your pumping needs.

Our parts are manufactured from Investment Castings, which result in better products than sand castings.

We also offer:

Specialty Valves
Instrumentation Products
Analytical Products
Automation Products
Filtration Products
Products for Any Industrial Need.

We also distribute Peristaltic Pumps through Environmental Pumping Solutions.

In conjunction, we can provide high level technical support and expertise to increase the efficiency and reliability of your systems.